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1891 Pattern Mannlicher-Carcano bayonet
Single edged 12" blade,
Maker marked -"TERNI" within an oval, to one side
A small letter "n" to the other
Wooden grips secured by domed rivets
Straight numbered cross guard with muzzle ring
Contained in its brass mounted leather scabbard
Complete with correct Green leather belt frog
All metalwork shows some patina commensurate with age (This in no way detracts from the item)
Leather has slight crazing,
But is solid, strong and not torn split or damaged
Would no doubt benefit with a wax over
but this is how I obtained it and I leave as found
(For the new owner to do with as they please)
Good collectable bayonet in nice sleepy as found condition

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Very attractive looking Danish 1889 Pattern Knife bayonet
Extremely well made from one piece of metal
With two piece wooden grips
Indicating manufacture between 1893-1915
(The earlier pattern having chequered leather grips )
This is backed up by a Crown 11 marking on the cross guard
Year of Manufacture 1911
Fullered single edge blade marked "RKV KOBHVN"
Pommel has two sets of issue numbers to one side
(One set being crossed out)
With another set of numbers to the reverse side
In its Original steel mounted black leather scabbard
(With side mounted spring held retaining clip)
Unusual suspension strap attached to the front frog loop.
It appears to be a shortened German gas mask strap / clip
Meaning the bayonet if worn suspended from a belt -
Would be in theory back to front.
This came from a furniture dealer like this
I've not added it and I'm quite sure he didn't !
Possibly used during the German Occupation of Denmark
By whom (German / HIPO Corps Peter Group ?)
Or the Danish Resistance
Very nice bayonet a little tarnish to some of the metalwork
But not often seen - a nice addition to any collection

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Good example of an Italian 1870 Vetterli Bayonet conversion
On entering WW1 Italy found it was short of arms
Many older Vetterli rifles had their barrels re sleeved
To except the standard 1891 Mannlicher Carcano round
The original Sword bayonets were over 20" long
These were shortened to bring them in line with the 1891's
This example is an early 1870 -It has a long leaf spring
(Opposed to the latter ones with a short leaf spring)
The 9.5" blade is marked "TERNI" within an oval
The numbered cross guard has had it's quillion removed
Grips are wooden ,secured by two screws
In its shortened brass mounted Black leather scabbard
With a standard 1891 Pattern Green leather frog
These bayonets although converted for WW1,
Also saw some service in the Spanish Civil War and WW2
Good collectable bayonet with age patina , a nice item

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A Very Scarce item !
A Turkish 1887 Patt Mauser Bayonet
Converted into a side arm / earthing spike for telegraph troops
Standard 1887 bayonet.
With numerous Turkish / Islamic markings
To Cross guard, Pommel and Blade
Two piece wooden grips held by domed rivets
Retaining its working push stud and hooked quillion
Blade tip has become rounded off
All metal work has a dark brown patinated colouring
Commensurate with its age
The muzzle ring has had a threaded bar inserted
With two knurled brass turning connectors
(Used to connect up the wire )
No scabbard but a very rare beast !
(A Google search will find a couple of variations )

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Another unusual item (Picked up in France)
A Continental Plug Bayonet Circa 1800 (ish)
These are notoriously difficult to date
Total length from tip to end cap is 14.5"
The blade is 1" wide and 8.75" long
With a single edge blade and a 3.5" clip back type tip
Showing some old light rusting,
The line decorated cross guard is just over 2.5" wide
(VERY Slight wobble to the cross guard but sound & secure)
The hilt appears to be made of Green / Brown Horn
With decorated brass mounts and muzzle stop
(As some point in the distant past cleaned back a slight)
All three brass bands are incised with "Wriggle Work"
Something often seen on English Silver circa 1780
(Hence the Circa 1800 date estimation)
There are no markings at all indicating manufacture
I've said European / Continental
It could be French, Spanish Portuguese or even Flemish
No Ordnance or Arsenal markings indicating Civilian
Rather than Military issue
Though could be an Officer / Gentleman's weapon
Very well made with obvious age
( As can be seen in the photo's )
It just feels right
A Very unusual item,
That would fit in well with an early weaponry collection

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1st type French 1886 Lebel Bayonet
With non removable white metal (German Silver ) hilt
Retaining its original hooked quillion often removed in WW1
(Being totally discarded from 1916 onwards )
With a chequered finger push catch
And full length cruciform blade
Said to have been designed after the Franco Prussian War
With the direct intent of going through German Great Coats !
With its original tubular steel scabbard
One small dink to the scabbard (Shrapnel ??)
Some slight marking to the hilt
Otherwise in extremely good shape
Classic French Bayonet in nice collectable condition

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1915 Dated Canadian Ross Bayonet
Hilt,Cross Guard grip screws blued
As is the blade
Makers details Patent date to one side of pommel
Issue date (7/15) Canadian acceptance stamp to the other
(Minor marking to the pommel should clean off easily)
Two piece dark wood grips,
One of which has a small chip out of it
Some very slight pitting to the cross guard
10" Single edged Blade with original profile / point
Brown Leather Scabbard with integral Frog
Scabbard body stamped MK 11 RRC
Some minor paint marks to the leather work
This could easily be removed and oiled to match the rest
Good Collectable Bayonet,In untouched condition

Code: 50589Price: 175.00 GBP

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WW1 French Infantry Adrian Helmet
As can be seen from the pictures in no way mint !
The shell has surface rusting both inside and out
The front Flaming Grenade has possibly been repainted
Its also missing a rivet from the comb .
The leather liner is original but not fitted to the body
All the attachment prongs are in place
As are the aluminium ventilation wafers / wedges
The Blue cloth liner band has had some moth in the past
But it's still firmly attached
Could be put back in if desired without any real problem
The chinstrap is also missing
Recently picked up from a French Boot Fair / Flea Market
Good as found item that can easily be improved on
With a little bit of effort
Just a wipe over the shell with oil would make it look better !

Code: 50590Price: 85.00 GBP

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French flea market pick up
WW1 Period water bottle
Good sound condition no holes or damage
With cork and stopper (Replacements)
A black nylon carry strap with old brass securing buttons
Still a nice looking display piece !

Code: 50591Price: 20.00 GBP

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1895 Pattern (?) French tunic
In Horizon Blue cloth with Red cuffs and collars
9 x Half Ball buttons to the front
3 x Half Ball buttons to each cuff
6 x Half Ball buttons to the back skirts
Original Hook and Eye collar closures and collar studs
Inside is fully lined / quilted with 2 x internal pockets
Stamped inside "M.TRADNOUEZ PARIS"
(Possibly a theatre / film prop marking)
It's old has had numerous nibbles and repairs
Some better done than others !
The lining is stained and marked
But its original displays very well really looks the part
Picked up recently in France
Would make a nice addition to any collection

Code: 50592Price: 160.00 GBP

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